Nowadays, on the retail markets of Kazakhstan, as well as markets of the other countries, the volume of counterfeit (fake, knockoff) products* is steadily increasing. Majority of people do not feel harm caused by counterfeits and therefore often become victims of bad quality goods manufacturers. Due to their lower prices, some people deliberately purchase counterfeit products over originals. Also, there are cases when customers are not aware of products’ origin and purchase them at a price of original or with a small “discount” offered by sellers.

Appearance of large amount of non-original, low quality and sometimes-unsafe products on the market might lead to the negative perception of the original brands, damage the economy of state, prestige of the country, and even threaten consumers’ health and lives. 

Who protects us against counterfeits*?

The State Enforcement Authorities protect us; however, they are often authorized to act against counterfeits distribution only upon request of the interested parties. Usually, buyers themselves and producers of the original goods are the ones that interested in counterfeits seizure.

It is critical that you do not remain aloof because only with your help we can achieve success in the fight against counterfeiting!

On your initiative, we contact the companies producing original products, which subsequently initiate measures to eliminate counterfeits.

How YOU can help in anti-counterfeiting?

If you suspect that you purchased a counterfeit product – please, click Report counterfeit.

We review all messages (including anonymous) on the distribution of counterfeit products by any means (shops / Internet sites / markets / legal entities and individuals).

What then will happen?

We do not guarantee an immediate counterfeits withdrawal and punishment of the distributors. However, we will do our best to inform producer company of the original products and ask for his consent and support in actions to eliminate the violation.

Our company has all necessary resources and expertise, including the experience of cooperation with law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan. The company has successfully completed large-scale anti-counterfeiting projects.

Addressing our company will not be a replacement of going to court or consumer rights protection society. Nevertheless, by contacting us, you will increase the chance that the producers and distributors of counterfeit products will be stopped and other people will not be harmed.


*Counterfeit consumer goods are the goods, often of poor quality, made or sold under another brand name without the brand owner’s authorization.  Sellers of such goods may infringe either a trade mark, patent or copyright of the brand owner by passing off its goods as made by the brand owner.

Types of counterfeit goods:

1. Use of someone else’s logo or the one that is so similar to it that it’s easy to confuse them. For example: «Gucci» — «Guchi», « Adidas» - «Abibas», etc.

2. Imitation of product’s appearance, its design.  This is popular among such things like decorative items, furniture, clothes, watches and others.

3. Unauthorized use of multimedia products, books, computer programs – copyright violation (i.e. production of pirate disks).

4. Unauthorized use of patented technical solutions.